Nana Bear Teal Silicone Bracelet Keychain Wallet

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Function meets fashion in our new Silicone Key Chain plus ID Credit Card Wallet! The circle key ring is made with easy to care for silicone! And the credit card wallet is made with high quality PU leatherette material. Designed to fit on your wrist for a truly hands free experience carrying your keys and essential ID and credit cards. Take your bracelet keychain to the beach, pool, give it to your grandkids, you won't need to worry about it.

In true Brooke & Jess Designs fashion, these keychain wallets come customized with fun sayings making them the perfect gift items for grandma, granny, nana, glamma, mimi, and more! Design is custom etched into the PU leatherette wallet and each design also includes a custom charm that is attached to the keyring. It also includes a PU leatherette tassel as well for added fun!

CUTE WRISTLET KEYCHAIN BRACELET: No More Missing Keys! Function meets fashion with these cute key ring bracelets. Never misplace your keys & help make them easy to find if you do! Now you can take your keychains and essential ID and credit cards to the beach, pool, give it to your grandkids, you won't need to worry about it. The large 3.5'' diameter means the big keychains can fit on the wrist for a truly hands free experience.

ID CREDIT CARD HOLDER WALLET WITH FUNNY SAYINGS: Our credit card wallet holder that attaches to the O Ring keychain holder is custom designed with funny sayings making them the perfect gift for your favorite woman! Has the cute mom saying: Nana Bear embossed into the PU leatherette wallet. Wallet is the perfect size for carrying your essentials: ID on one side + up to 6 credit cards on the back side. Dimensions are 4.25” x 3”.

BANGLE KEYCHAIN O RING BRACELET MADE OF HIGH QUALITY SILICONE: These bangle bracelet keychains are made of soft, high quality silicone for durability and comfort! Large 3.5” diameter so they can easily be worn on your wrist, forearm of even biceps. Perfect for hands-free carrying! Perfect gift for your favorite mom or mother in your life.

INCLUDES CUTE TASSEL AND CUSTOM NANA BEAR CHARM: Each bracelet keychain wallet includes a 3.5” PU Leatherette tassel as well as a cute Nana Bear charm attached to the O ring silicone keyring.

UNIQUE GIFT FOR GRANDMA, OMA, NANA, GIGI, MIMI AND MORE: These wristlet keychains are the perfect gift for your favorite grandma, mimi, nana, gigi, gramma, grandmother and more! Stand out from the crowd with this unique gift.

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