Spotlight on Dads (Plus One REALLY Special Dad We Know)

We have been thinking about Father's Day a lot lately.  Some of us have a Dad we can call anytime. Some of us just have memories to hold on to. Some of us have uncles, grandfathers, or teachers who have been a fatherly influence. It's hard to not feel sentimental when we think of these great guys in our life.  They deserve to be celebrated!

Today we want to celebrate someone really special to us: Matt.  You may recognize him as one of our top models for Brooke & Jess :) Matt is Jess's husband. Hi, Matt!!!  I'm sure he's so embarrassed right now!

Matt is amazing for so many reasons. He's a great dad, husband, and friend.  But beyond that, he's such a champ!  He has been through a lot in his life and had handled it all with faith, humor, and positivity.  After a lifelong battle with a kidney disease, Matt is having a kidney transplant next week. He has been through so much.  From hearing loss to kidney failure, he never gives up and always manages to push though it all. We are so excited for this next chapter. What makes this even more amazing is that it's Matt's nephew who has been deemed a good kidney donor. Two amazing guys and one amazing story :)  So, here's to Matt!  His surgery is just days before Father's Day, but I have a feeling we will be celebrating him all year long! 

Do you have a person you are celebrating this Father's Day? Tell us about him! There are lots of amazing stories out there just waiting to be told!


Brooke Braithwaite
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Father's Day Spotlight

A Video Message From Us

Hi everyone! It's so hard to believe it's already June! Summer is here and Father's Day will be here before you know it.  We thought it would be fun to give some of our favorite Father's Day products a shout-out. Enjoy!


If you're like most of us, it can be SO hard to buy for the man in your life!  We are here to help with that!  We wanted to expand on our gifts for dads because they ARE hard to shop for. Ok, ok...dads are also awesome and amazing and deserve cool things too :) We have a variety of gifts that range from functional to funny.  Need more ideas? Check these out!

XOXO, Brooke and Jess







Brooke Braithwaite
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Father's Day Thank-You and Gift Ideas

Ahhhh Dads...forever making socks with sandals look cool :) OK, not ALL dads can pull off the sock and sandal combo, but to those who can, we salute you! 

It's hard to think of Father's Day and not think of the endless 'Dad Jokes' they know. Somehow, when a man becomes a dad, he is gifted with the ability to tell some amazing dad jokes.  Have you heard this one?


Dads are funny.  They are hard-working. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. From wrestling with the kids to teaching them how to ride a bike...the role of a dad is so important. Without dads, we wouldn't have someone to build an awesome fort with, someone to teach us how to change a flat tire, or to turn an ordinary activity into a game. Hot lava anyone?!

Speaking of games...have you ever hear of the game 'Who Farted'? No? Just our house??  Let's be honest. Dads fart. They fart a lot.  Of course we had to create a mug dedicated to all the 'Farters' out there :)

*click on the picture for details

These new and improved tumblers all come with a spill resistant clear lid with straw hole and MAGNETIC SLIDE COVER. The magnetic slider is removable for easy cleaning! It can be used with or without a straw!

Need more gift ideas? Check these out!

We are looking forward to Father's Day this year! To all the dads, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, and all the male role models out there - we are so excited to celebrate you!  :)


Brooke Braithwaite
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A Tribute to Teachers in 2020

Hi y'all! Today we really wanted to put he focus on teachers and how AMAZING they are! If you know any teacher, you know this year had been hard for them.  But even with needing to change their entire curriculum and switch to all online classes, teachers were still able to adapt and help students thrive! We love seeing pictures and videos of teachers going the extra mile to help students during this crazy time.

Remember back when things were 'normal' and we thought teachers were just so, so amazing?  Fast-forward to current circumstances and now we KNOW teachers are basically angels on Earth! We had no idea the structure, patience, and know-how they possessed until we started teaching out own kids! Aaaaahahahahaha!

Speaking of teaching our own kids....every mom deserves a huge pat on the back right now, too. So many moms were thrown into being 'teacher' at home while still carrying the regular mom load. Moms everywhere have taken over like rockstars and are getting it ALL done!  I know we probably have a few more grey hairs and drank waaaaaaay too much Diet Coke, but we are getting it done. I have to laugh.  The picture below really hits home. Taking over as teacher at home while also making sure my kids are fed, happy, and germ-free has not made me look younger :)

I keep thinking back to that first week of online school. My daughter was in tears because I wasn't doing things like her teacher. Things were different. Links to videos didn't always work. And we had to write paragraphs. SO many tears when she had to write! Yeah, this picture really sums it all up!

With all of this, we say thank-you teachers and thank-you moms! You are all just so awesome! We wanted to make something for you! Quaran-Teachers!  Maybe we never wanted to be put into this situation, but we sure don't want to forget it either :)  Check out our new tumbler and t-shirts below!  Click on the picture and see all the fun colors for each product.  We had a lot of fun making these :)


We hope you have a great week! Hang in there! Summer is just around the corner!

XOXO,  Brooke and Jess




Brooke Braithwaite
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Thanks, Mom

Happy Monday, friends! We hope you and your loved ones enjoyed Mother’s Day this year! We are grateful EVERY DAY for our mom and all of those who have had a motherly role in our lives. This Mother’s Day we were able to really reflect on how grateful we are for our mom. She’s a grandmother to 23 grandkids and counting! She takes it all in stride and still finds time for each and every one of us.


When we had our own babies, she was there.  She was there for deliveries. She was there for support.  She was there to watch our older children. She was there to cook and clean. She was there to take care of us while we recovered.  What a comfort it was to have near.  She was and is such a blessing to all her children and grandchildren.  She’s just the best Grandma ever.


While we were talking about our own mom, we thought of a mutual friend whose mom had passed away. Our friend was never able to experience having her mom there for the birth or her babies…or to comfort her in the following weeks of recovery. We get teary-eyed just thinking about how special these moments are and how grateful we are that our mom was able to be there for us.  These moments and memories are so special to us.

We love you all! Those who are moms, those who want to be moms, those who have lost a mom, those who aren’t a mom by blood but take on the challenge, and everyone in between. 



Brooke Braithwaite
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Teacher Appreciation Week or End of Year Teacher Gift Idea with Free Printable!

Jess here!  Today I'm sharing a fun gift idea for teachers. Our Teacher Appreciation week is fast approaching. And to top it off, our kids have only 10 weeks left of school!  This year has really flew by. 

We recently spotlighted and shared our Wake Up. Teach Kids. Be Awesome. Camper mugs!  We are just in love with these and don't deserve to be in a box! So what's a better way to show them off then by adding a few fun items, wrapping them in cellophane and throwing on a custom-designed tag.  I designed the tag to coordinate with the mug, but you could definitely add this tag to anything you'd like.  Even tie it around a gift card. As generic as it sounds, I hear teachers love gift cards!  :)

Obviously, you could use anything, but here is a list of the items I put in the mug- all bought at good ol' Dollar Store!

  • A pack of Starburst
  • Extra Gum
  • 3 mechanical pencils
  • Small decorated notepad
  • 2 Small Boxes of Nerds

Click here for the printable.  

Click here to order the mug - and make sure you check out some of our other mugs that would work well with this printable!

Click here for a link to check out all of our FREE printables!

And to all of the teachers out there. You really are ROCKSTARS!! Thanks for making a difference!  

XOXO Brooke & Jess

Brooke Braithwaite
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Shop-a-holic Survival Kit

We recently added a new nonwoven quilted "Shopping Is My Therapy" tote bag to our collection!  We know that being a shop-a-holic is a chronic problem these days (haha), so we've put together a Shop-A-Holic Survival Kit idea with FREE PRINTABLE!

It's as easy as purchasing a few items, throwing them in a reusable shopping tote, printing out the FREE PRINTABLE and including it in the bag. And you are done.  Let us know how you use it!  

Also, check out this tumbler - perfect for anyone suffering from this shop-a-holic epidemic. LOL - you are welcome!  :)

Check out our other FREE PRINTABLES for more gift ideas designed to impress!  



Brooke Braithwaite
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New Product Spotlight - Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed 20 oz POSH Slim Water Bottle

Have you been searching for the PERFECT water bottle? Are you frustrated that your current water bottle will not fit in your cup holder? Are you sick of your beverage being luke warm by the time you finish your workout or simply drive around the block (ha)?  Stop with all of this water bottle nonsense and check out our new POSH stainless steel water bottles!

Beautifully custom-designed and come in 3 different styles:

Slate Blue (gray-blue) "Dog Mom"

Pink "Be Kind"

Light Blue "Mama Bear"

Brooke highlights all of its awesome features in this video. Check it out. 

Also, pay close attention to the way Brooke says "POSH," - it's epic. hehe

Have a great one, friends! 

Brooke Braithwaite
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Let's Be Real....

Let's Be Real....

We had chili the other night and I decided to eat mine in one of our most popular Mama Bear Coffee Mugs. I thought it would be fun to take pictures and post it on Instagram as a product spotlight and to show that it can be used for food and drinks other than coffee. So, I had my husband take some pictures and then we were laughing at the chaos around this impromptu photo shoot. Which brought up the conversation about Instagram Life and how it is so easy to crop out the messy part of our life and make it look picture perfect. 

Reality is, Life is MESSY. And it's supposed to be! We are all so different with different strengths, weaknesses, lessons, trials and tribulations that we each get to experience to help us grow and become the BEST VERSION of ourselves. When we compare our lives to those around us, all it does is bring us down and take time, focus and energy away from our lives and the things we can control. 

I love this quote I found from

I have found in my life, when I am having an emotionally hard day, or week (or month), taking a break from Social Media really helps me get the negativity out of my head and brings me back to gratitude for all of the amazing things and people I have in my life. 

So there you have it, my Mama Bear Coffee Mug product spotlight turned blog post rant! Just remember that behind every picture perfect highlight reel you see on Social Media are messy houses, insecurities, financial struggles, health problems, relationship problems and so much more! Just because they don't post about it doesn't mean that they aren't struggling just like you! And if scrolling through feeds is bringing you down, take a break! I promise it will clear your head and help you focus on what's important. 

Hope you have a great week!



Brooke Braithwaite
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NEWS FLASH - Same 2 cool sisters, brand new name!

Our daughters may kill us for this, but we have decided to change our business name. It has become very apparent that "Tessa Mae" was confusing, random, and not as relevant as we had hoped when we created our journey (just finished watching the Bachelor...ha...nailed it..ha ha).  Brooke just reminded me not to type a blog post at 2 a.m. -especially after watching the Bachelor....I digress.  

What am I saying?  Oh yeah...our name.  We are Brooke & Jess - 2 sisters having too much fun so we made the leap and changed our website from to 

New logo below - and thanks to those who have already noticed.  We heart you!!

Brooke Braithwaite
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GIFT FAIL!!! - Laser Etched Tumbler Spotlight

Check out our gift fail!  It's so embarrassing but we found a solution to make sure it NEVER happens again!
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Plan Perfectly & FREE Printable Gift Planning Calendar

Plan Perfectly & FREE Printable Gift Planning Calendar

Stay more organized this year with our FREE printable Gift Guru Gift Planning Calendar. In this post, Jessica shows you how she created her wall hanging to seamlessly display the calendar. Check it out!
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