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What if I am not satisfied with your product? 

We put a lot of research, thought, time, and love into creating unique, fun, non-boring products. Our hope is that everyone LOVES everything they receive from our store. Happy customers make us happy!  However, we understand that sometimes this doesn't happen. If you are unhappy, we will give you a 100% refund or exchange the item for anything on our website that is of equal or lesser value. 

How long do your items take to ship?

Great question! This depends on the item you are ordering. Since our products are custom made with love (insert heart emoji), some take longer to make. Here is an estimated time-frame for production. All orders are shipped standard shipping, which normally takes 3-5 days from ship date:

Laser-Etched Tumblers: 1-2 days

Apparel: 2-3 days

Coffee Mugs: 1-2 days

Hand-sewn Pillow Covers: 5-7 days

Tote Bags: 5-7 days

Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes: 3-5 days

What if I receive a defective item?

We try to make and package our products PERFECT, unfortunately, we are human and makes mistakes (shh...don't tell our kids). If you receive an item that doesn't arrive in PERFECT fashion, we just ask that you contact us with a picture of the defective item and we will get a replacement sent out to you ASAP. No need to ship the defective item back to us. We hate hassles and want to save you from any! 

Do you offer custom orders? 

As you have probably heard, Jessica LOVES to design and would do it ALL day (if her kids would let her:/). So, if you have a fun idea for a product, and it is something that isn't personalized and could be added to our website for sale, Jessica will design it for you for free! She will work with you to make sure your vision comes to life and then you can share it with your friends! We will even pay you royalties for any sales. Can you say "Win-Win"!

Do you offer personalized products?

Yes! Our goal is to make sure that your gift recipient LOVES their gift, and personalizing a product is a great way to do that! There is an additional $5 fee for any personalization of one of our products. Please contact us with your request and we (meaning Jessica) will get to work! She will send you a proof of the artwork prior to printing. 

How are you both so awesome?

Seriously...someone asked this question.  Just sayin'...We have the BEST customers! XOXO

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