A Tribute to Teachers in 2020

Hi y'all! Today we really wanted to put he focus on teachers and how AMAZING they are! If you know any teacher, you know this year had been hard for them.  But even with needing to change their entire curriculum and switch to all online classes, teachers were still able to adapt and help students thrive! We love seeing pictures and videos of teachers going the extra mile to help students during this crazy time.

Remember back when things were 'normal' and we thought teachers were just so, so amazing?  Fast-forward to current circumstances and now we KNOW teachers are basically angels on Earth! We had no idea the structure, patience, and know-how they possessed until we started teaching out own kids! Aaaaahahahahaha!

Speaking of teaching our own kids....every mom deserves a huge pat on the back right now, too. So many moms were thrown into being 'teacher' at home while still carrying the regular mom load. Moms everywhere have taken over like rockstars and are getting it ALL done!  I know we probably have a few more grey hairs and drank waaaaaaay too much Diet Coke, but we are getting it done. I have to laugh.  The picture below really hits home. Taking over as teacher at home while also making sure my kids are fed, happy, and germ-free has not made me look younger :)

I keep thinking back to that first week of online school. My daughter was in tears because I wasn't doing things like her teacher. Things were different. Links to videos didn't always work. And we had to write paragraphs. SO many tears when she had to write! Yeah, this picture really sums it all up!

With all of this, we say thank-you teachers and thank-you moms! You are all just so awesome! We wanted to make something for you! Quaran-Teachers!  Maybe we never wanted to be put into this situation, but we sure don't want to forget it either :)  Check out our new tumbler and t-shirts below!  Click on the picture and see all the fun colors for each product.  We had a lot of fun making these :)


We hope you have a great week! Hang in there! Summer is just around the corner!




Brooke Braithwaite

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