Thanks, Mom

Happy Monday, friends! We hope you and your loved ones enjoyed Mother’s Day this year! We are grateful EVERY DAY for our mom and all of those who have had a motherly role in our lives. This Mother’s Day we were able to really reflect on how grateful we are for our mom. She’s a grandmother to 23 grandkids and counting! She takes it all in stride and still finds time for each and every one of us.


When we had our own babies, she was there.  She was there for deliveries. She was there for support.  She was there to watch our older children. She was there to cook and clean. She was there to take care of us while we recovered.  What a comfort it was to have near.  She was and is such a blessing to all her children and grandchildren.  She’s just the best Grandma ever.


While we were talking about our own mom, we thought of a mutual friend whose mom had passed away. Our friend was never able to experience having her mom there for the birth or her babies…or to comfort her in the following weeks of recovery. We get teary-eyed just thinking about how special these moments are and how grateful we are that our mom was able to be there for us.  These moments and memories are so special to us.

We love you all! Those who are moms, those who want to be moms, those who have lost a mom, those who aren’t a mom by blood but take on the challenge, and everyone in between. 



Brooke Braithwaite

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