St. Patrick's Day Themed Gift Box

St. Patrick's Day Themed Gift Box

One of my absolute favorite ways to put together a gift box is what I'm coining a "themed box."  I go to the Dollar store (or any store for that matter) and find things that go together. For instance a "Smile Box."  Look for emoji themed items and yellow candies, lemonade packets, anything yellow.  You could do "sunshine box" with orange soda, yellow candle, orange slides - anything that looks bright and cheery. How about a Love box with red and pink items.  It is seriously such an easy way to create a fun and inexpensive gift.  

We don't typically celebrate St. Patrick's Day at our house but the Dollar Store had the cutest items this year, so I just couldn't resist putting together a box for St. Patty's Day. 

I grabbed the items above, threw in some gold foil filler and wha-lah!  A fun, green St. Patty's Day gift box.  A green or gold gift bag would work perfect as well!  This would be a fun thing to leave out for your kids from sneaky Mr. Leprechaun  or gift to your favorite friend or coworker.  

In order to seal lit up, I taped gold ribbon around the box and attached a printable.  To be completely honest here, I really don't like how the printable turned out, but it is what it is.   

Get creative with any sort of themed box.  The possibilities are endless and we can't wait to see what y'all come up with!


Brooke Braithwaite

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