Spotlight on Dads (Plus One REALLY Special Dad We Know)

We have been thinking about Father's Day a lot lately.  Some of us have a Dad we can call anytime. Some of us just have memories to hold on to. Some of us have uncles, grandfathers, or teachers who have been a fatherly influence. It's hard to not feel sentimental when we think of these great guys in our life.  They deserve to be celebrated!

Today we want to celebrate someone really special to us: Matt.  You may recognize him as one of our top models for Brooke & Jess :) Matt is Jess's husband. Hi, Matt!!!  I'm sure he's so embarrassed right now!

Matt is amazing for so many reasons. He's a great dad, husband, and friend.  But beyond that, he's such a champ!  He has been through a lot in his life and had handled it all with faith, humor, and positivity.  After a lifelong battle with a kidney disease, Matt is having a kidney transplant next week. He has been through so much.  From hearing loss to kidney failure, he never gives up and always manages to push though it all. We are so excited for this next chapter. What makes this even more amazing is that it's Matt's nephew who has been deemed a good kidney donor. Two amazing guys and one amazing story :)  So, here's to Matt!  His surgery is just days before Father's Day, but I have a feeling we will be celebrating him all year long! 

Do you have a person you are celebrating this Father's Day? Tell us about him! There are lots of amazing stories out there just waiting to be told!


Brooke Braithwaite

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