Procrastination at its finest!

Procrastination at its finest!

Does anyone feel helpful pressure by procrastinating. It may sound like I'm rationalizing that it's okay to procrastinate, but the pressure does help us get things done.  Anyone else?

If you (like us) procrastinate and need a last minute Valentine for your kids, then this is for you.  Want to be the cool mom with the (semi) handmade Valentine's Day cards for exchange? We got you!  Here are 5 super simple but fun Valentine's ideas for kids. Obviously they are cheesy, but let's just say witty...mkay?

I've included 6 FREE printable sheets - one with all 5 designs and then one sheet with 6 of 1 design.  Did that make any sense?  Explaining things can be really hard sometimes. :)

Here are a few ideas of treats/gifts to include with each printable. (I've included a few aff. links)

1- You are O-Fish-ally the best! -  Swedish Fish, Goldfish Crackers, rubber fish toys - if you are really brave, a new goldfish pet.  (please message us if you do this - you will win "Parent of the Year Award" in my book).


2 - You are the Bomb - Bath Bombs  are a great non-treat idea and these are fairly affordable. This could be a great idea for a teacher or friend as well.  Who doesn't love a good bath bomb?!?

3 - You are Wheelie Cool - Hot Wheel cars, LED Monster Truck Toys, Car Suckers (so, so cute) or chocolate cars.

4 - I love you to pieces.   Reese's Pieces or a puzzle.  Also, just for fun - check out this fun puzzle for your favorite Reese's lover.  It's 500 pieces, so it would be better suited for older kids, teens, or adults.

5 - I Think you are Strawsome.  Use any sort of plastic or paper straw with this one. There are two hole punches (one on tope and bottom) so you can insert the tag onto the straw.  These crazy straws are fun - but it may be difficult to insert the straw in. I got mine at Wal-Mart but I'm sure they have something similar at Target or Dollar Store.

These would all make really cute party favors as well!  So many different ways they could be used.  Remember to share how you used them! 

Brooke Braithwaite

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