New Product Spotlight - Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealed 20 oz POSH Slim Water Bottle

Have you been searching for the PERFECT water bottle? Are you frustrated that your current water bottle will not fit in your cup holder? Are you sick of your beverage being luke warm by the time you finish your workout or simply drive around the block (ha)?  Stop with all of this water bottle nonsense and check out our new POSH stainless steel water bottles!

Beautifully custom-designed and come in 3 different styles:

Slate Blue (gray-blue) "Dog Mom"

Pink "Be Kind"

Light Blue "Mama Bear"

Brooke highlights all of its awesome features in this video. Check it out. 

Also, pay close attention to the way Brooke says "POSH," - it's epic. hehe

Have a great one, friends! 

Brooke Braithwaite

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