Let's Be Real....

Let's Be Real....

We had chili the other night and I decided to eat mine in one of our most popular Mama Bear Coffee Mugs. I thought it would be fun to take pictures and post it on Instagram as a product spotlight and to show that it can be used for food and drinks other than coffee. So, I had my husband take some pictures and then we were laughing at the chaos around this impromptu photo shoot. Which brought up the conversation about Instagram Life and how it is so easy to crop out the messy part of our life and make it look picture perfect. 

Reality is, Life is MESSY. And it's supposed to be! We are all so different with different strengths, weaknesses, lessons, trials and tribulations that we each get to experience to help us grow and become the BEST VERSION of ourselves. When we compare our lives to those around us, all it does is bring us down and take time, focus and energy away from our lives and the things we can control. 

I love this quote I found from https://superfastdiet.com/quotes-about-comparing-yourself-to-others/

I have found in my life, when I am having an emotionally hard day, or week (or month), taking a break from Social Media really helps me get the negativity out of my head and brings me back to gratitude for all of the amazing things and people I have in my life. 

So there you have it, my Mama Bear Coffee Mug product spotlight turned blog post rant! Just remember that behind every picture perfect highlight reel you see on Social Media are messy houses, insecurities, financial struggles, health problems, relationship problems and so much more! Just because they don't post about it doesn't mean that they aren't struggling just like you! And if scrolling through feeds is bringing you down, take a break! I promise it will clear your head and help you focus on what's important. 

Hope you have a great week!



Brooke Braithwaite

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