GIFT FAIL!!! - Laser Etched Tumbler Spotlight

Hey y'all!  My friend recently sent me a quote from Pinterest:

I used to craft a lot more than I do, (which I actually LOVE) but I would usually end up spending way more than I should have. Ugh... 

Speaking of making things, have you ever tried to make something special for a special someone and failed horribly!  Today, we want to spotlight one of those "fail" moments with a short video. Brooke asked me to cut out some vinyl for her husband for Valentine's Day a few years ago and it didn't go so well.  Check it out!!


Check out all of our laser-etched tumblers here!  Don't see anything you like? No problem, shoot us an email and we can create it especially for you!!

Just a disclaimer that we are NOT professional actors.  We know that we will probably get a bunch of requests to star in some new commercials and all that but we are just too busy for that, so don't even ask....haha.  I'm just so funny.  Maybe I could get hired as a comedian instead?  (ha).  :) Have a great day friends!! - Brooke & Jess 


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