Easter Gift Guide

Easter Gift Guide

Hello there!  Today I'm sharing 6 fun Easter basket items your kids and teenagers, and (most likely husband) will love.  We tend to keep Easter a more simple holiday focusing on Christ and the true meaning of Easter, but I try to add a few fun non-candy items and came across these. Here they are in no particular order. If you haven't noticed, prices on Amazon change often (hourly sometimes), so these prices should be close to what is actually listed on Amazon but probably not exact.  Lucky you if you snag it at a lower price and sorry if its higher!  :)

#1 Foam Gliders  $29.99

These are so much fun.  We seriously have used these for hours and hours. It is a great activity for the ENTIRE family. With Spring right around the corner, these are the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine.  Make sure you are in a somewhat open space though, because they really can go far if given enough "oomoph".  Our teenagers may not admit it, but they LOVE these planes too (maybe even more than the littles).

#2 Hatching Unicorn Eggs - $7.95

We know Brooke's daughter, Tessa, will love these magical eggs.  Simply add water, and magically these eggs turn into unicorns.  Sounds like every girl's dream, right.  Comes with 2 eggs. Recommended for ages 3 and up. 

#3 - Kanoodle - $14.99

Such a great way to exercise your brain and have fun while doing it!  Create 2-D and 3-D puzzles.  There are over 3000 reviews on Amazon, so you don't have to take our word on it.  It's small size makes it perfect for travel as well.  Ages are 8 to 99!

#4 - LED Bike Lights - $26.99

Your kids' bikes will be the coolest on the block with these fun LED bike lights. Description says, "Be Cool! As seen on TV. These are the #1 selling bike wheel lights" Comes in a gift box and a variety of colors! Battery life is 12 hours and comes with a lifetime warranty. Sounds good to us!

#5 - Eggs with mini community figurines inside - $23.49

Not sure if I can even compare them to Legos but that is what the figurines reminded me of.  So cute and fun for any building blocker lover.  Comes with 24 eggs filled with different figures such as policeman, fireman, student, race car driver, builder, astronaut, and more.  Such a fun non-treat basket filler.   

#6 - 5 Pack Slime Eggs - $11.99

This came up in the search as "Amazon's Choice for Easter for Teens". I definitely have to agree with them.  My teens and preteens would enjoy this galactic-looking putty/slime.  You really have to be a cool mom to gift these, as they tend to be on the messy sides of favors.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to be "cool" or have clean carpet. LOL

We hope this sparked a few ideas of what you could fill your Easter baskets with this year.  I usually just grab a bunch of candy and call it good but I think I'm going to try to level up this year and give a fun gift. 

What's your favorite basket stuffer?  Do you even do Easter baskets.  Comment below.  We need to know!  :)



Brooke Braithwaite

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