A Celebration of Everyday Heroes

Hello, friends! We hope you are all having a great week! We just wanted every single one of you to know how much we appreciate your support with our Everyday Hero 'project'. It has been so awesome meeting some of you and the people you consider everyday heroes. We love to meet people from all over - coast to coast! Reading these inspiring stories are the highlight of our week! We believe small things can turn into big things. Small acts of kindness can turn someone's day completely around. We all have all been there....having a bad day and BAM! Someone smiles at us, or opens our door, or offers to put our grocery cart away while we get kids in the car.  
These people in this picture are just a few of the everyday heroes we have met...and we hope to meet a lot more! 
Ready to nominate a hero of your own?  Head HERE and fill out our short survey. We are ready to celebrate the awesome people in your life!
XOXO, Brooke & Jess
Brooke & Jess Staff

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