2022 Valentine's Gift Guide - Most-Loved Gifts for All Your Favorite People

2022 Valentine's Gift Guide - Most-Loved Gifts for All Your Favorite People

Jess here, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We want to make choosing that perfect Valentine's Day Gift easy peasy; so we've rounded  up 9 of some unique gift ideas for all your favorite people.  Wrap it up or place in a gift bag or gift box and you've now achieved Super Gift Giver status - okay, so I totally made that title up, but sounds pretty cool, eh? 

Here are our 9 fun gift picks in no particular order:


#1&2 - Bath Bombs for Boys & Girls $21-25

I gave these Dino Bath Bombs to my 5 year old for Christmas and they were a huge hit.  Not only do they turn the bath water funky colors, they contain 12 different toy dinosaurs. Talk about Mom of the Year!  He was ecstatic and hasn't complained about taking a bath since. In fact, he ASKS to take a bath. (Parents and grandparents, can I get a high five)!  Useful and fun = #winning!  These Unicorn Bath Bombs would be perfect for your favorite little girl!  


#3 - Message In a Bottle $10-13

This Message in a Bottle is such a fun and unique gift idea!  Each capsule contains a little note that you can write custom messages on. Imagine how special your loved one will feel after reading numerous personal notes from you.  It's like 50 hugs in a jar. So, so cute.  The only downside we could see with this gift, is the time it would take to write the notes, and it may be a little tricky to get them back in the capsules. But, talk about true love right there!  Such a timeless and one-of-a-kind gift. Comes in 25 or 90 pcs.

#4 - Grillmaster BBQ Sauce & Spice Seasoning Gift - $49

My husband got a smoker a while back and he has been experimenting with different sauces, rubs, and marinades.  This BBQ Gift Pack comes with 4 different sauces: Original, Sweet, Mustard, & Carolina Vinegar.  It also comes with a seasoning and rub perfect for steaks, ribs, sausage, and more.  Ooh....now I'm hungry. This would make the perfect great gift for your favorite King or Queen of the Grill and those who love Chillin & Grillin!

#5 - I Met You. I Liked You. I Love You. I'm Keeping You Candle. - $19 

You may not know, but I'm just a little OBSESSED with candles. I may or may not have a dedicated cabinet shelf in my bathroom for candles. Shoot, y'all are lucky the entire gift guide isn't 9 different candles! I especially love the sentiment on this candle!  It not only makes a great Valentine's Gift but it would be a great engagement, Anniversary, or just-because gift! It is 7 oz, has the floral scent of lavender and eucalyptus; and the company states it burns for up to 45 hours. You really can't go wrong with candles (hint-hint, hubby)


#6 - Knock-Knock What I Love About You by Me Book - $9

This Book is genius and is definitely going to make your favorite person smile (if not cry). It has sentences with fill in the blanks so you can personalize it for your recipient. I LOVE this idea.  For instance, "You deserve the __________ award." or "You have the greatest taste in _________."  You decide if its funny, loving, nice, sarcastic - whatever suits you best.  There are a few other options on the listing including "You Are Awesome" and "Why you are the Best Teacher Ever."  


#7 - Foodie Oversized Blanket - $30

This Oversized Pizza Blanket is pretty amazing (and hilarious)! It's the perfect throw to snuggle up on the couch with your favorite loved one while binge watching Netflix - and maybe even eating pizza.  Our teenagers love pizza, and this blanket will last longer than any pizza ever has in our houses! It also comes as a large tortilla, Belgian waffle, and chocolate chip cookie; and is available in a few different sizes. Speaking of teenagers - aren't they hard to buy for?!?!  This would make a great gift for them, as long as they don't try to eat it. 

#8 - This Guy is Awesome 30 oz Tumbler w/ Mag Lid - $25

This stainless-steel "This Guy is Awesome" tumbler is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, brother, uncle, boss, best friend, - pretty much any awesome guy in your life.  And you know what else is awesome? This tumbler. Its ability to keep drinks at perfect temps for 6+ hours.  No more watered down drinks or cold coffee.  Yahoo!  The magnet slider lid makes cleaning a breeze.  Plus, your favorite guy will smile and think of you every time he takes a sip from his new tumbler.


#9 - Chaos Coordinator Fueled by Caffeine 20 oz Skinny Tumbler - $25

The Chaos Coordinator rose gold skinny tumbler is not only shiny, sparkly, and pretty, but it fits in most cupholders!  It would make a great gift for the one who manages all the things.  Think moms, bosses, best friends, preschool teachers, pet sitters, coworkers, teachers, sisters, aunts - anyone who handles chaos like a champ. It also keeps drinks at perfect temps almost all day long. It's kinda like magic! It is also available in a 14 oz camper tumbler and 32 oz water bottle if that better suits your needs. 


We hope these ideas were helpful or at least sparked ideas of what you can get to celebrate your favorite loved one on Valentine's Day.

Next Blog Post is a fun yet simple Valentine's Gift Idea you can whip up to impress your friends. 

Happy Gifting, friends






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